What Should I Do When The Message "In Use By System" Pops Up?

If a record is open by more than one person, or if the record has been altered many times in a short period of time you may get a pop-up box that says In Use By System. In order to charge this item to a patron you need to free the record.

To free an In Use By System record:

  • at the top of the Millenium screen, click on Admin
  • select Free Records in Use which will open a pop-up box
  • in the pop-up box click on the arrow to change the .Record# to b Barcode
  • Scan the barcode which will open a message that the record is in use
  • choose free record in use?
  • you should now be able to charge this item
  • if this does not work, get help from a Circulation Coordinator

How to Free a Record in Use - Tutorial


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