What Should I Do When Someone Wants To Use MIC301, 305, 306, 308?

We cannot schedule MIC301 (Vista Room), MIC305 or 306 (East West Conference Room), or MIC308. Only the Event Center can reserve those rooms. They can schedule a room by going to the site https://events.champlain.edu/, calling the Event Center at 802-651-5957, or emailing them at ude.nialpmahc|retnectneve#ude.nialpmahc|retnectneve.

We keep the events calendar at the front desk, or you can view it at https://events.champlain.edu/.

We only reserve the study rooms for current Champlain College students. The study rooms are room MIC202, 203, 220, 303, 304, and 309.


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