What Should I Do When I See The Message Using Expiration Date?

What should I do when I see the message using the expiration date of patron as the due date?

You just click on the OK button. You do not have to do anything else. Each patron type (faculty, staff, student, neighbor, guest, reciprocal student and reciprocal faculty) has a certain loan period for items. If the expiration date (last day of the semester) is less than the loan period, the system ask you to use the expiration date as the due date.

For example, a faculty and staff member is allowed to have a book for 3 months. If a faculty member checks out a book in November with an expiration date in December, the system knows the two do not match, so it lets you know it will use the expiration date as the due date.

The patron does not need to get a new ID, or have their expiration changed or updated.


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