What Should I Do If I Need To Take Time Off?

1) You must use the When I Work scheduling program to request time off.
2) Your available shift(s) will be posted on the When I Work scheduling link under "Available Open Shifts" on the dashboard, and the bulletin board in the office, room 103.
3) Try to notify the person you work with that you will not be working. If you will see the person in time to tell him or her, we will inform the person by email.
4) If two people want the same shift off, the first person who requests time off using the When I Work program will get the time off. The second person must get a substitute in order to take the time off.

When you fill out the form it is a guarantee that you get the time off, unless it falls under rule #4.

Other Absences/Substitutions - The following guidelines must be followed if a student is unable to work due to illness:
1) Notify the shift supervisor immediately at (802) 860-2717, do not leave a message with a student worker.
2) Send Tammy an email,ude.nialpmahc|etteuqopt#ude.nialpmahc|etteuqopt,that you could not make your shift.
3) The only way to make-up the time is to substitute for someone else.


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