What Should I Do If A Water Alarm Goes Off In The Building?

Water alarms: there are now stand-alone water alarms in the Archives (G07) and new Special Collections storage room (G12), as both rooms are located near water sources. They emit a high-pitched beep that you will be able to hear from the hallway. These units are not connected to our alarm system.

Emergency supplies: We have a box with cleanup supplies (plastic tarps, paper towels, gloves, etc.) and handouts on how to handle water damaged items, etc. to the unlocked cabinet underneath the Archives exhibit case on the first floor, so everyone has access to them. Eventually we will also have supplies stashed in Perry Hall as well. The bucket contains supplies if there is a water leak in the building. In the bucket there is plastic to cover items.

Please contact Public Safety at (802) 865-6465 to gain access to the Archives (G07) and Special Collections (G12) only if you hear the water alarm.



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