What Is The Fastest Way To Reach Champlain College Security?

Champlain College’s Campus Public Safety office now has a fulltime 24 hour professional dispatch service. This service is the culmination of years of planning and negotiations between Champlain College and UVM officials. As of Monday afternoon, July 6, 2009, our office began utilizing the professional dispatching services of UVM Police dispatchers who now handle all our calls for service on our normal business line.

Our business telephone line remains the same (802) 865-6465 (x 6465 on campus). This phone number should be used 24 hours a day for all situations where you need to reach Campus Public Safety for normal, routine services. Services include but are not limited to being locked out of your building/office, reporting suspicious circumstances or disturbances on campus, or you need to meet directly with a public safety officer, etc.

People should use 911 to report emergencies such as fires, medical calls, life threatening situations, etc, or other instances where police and fire personnel need to respond immediately to our campus.

People should continue to use existing Outlook phone extensions published at the College to reach myself or Assistant Director’s Tony Calacci (865-5447) or Carl Riden (865-5403 / Parking Enforcement).

When you call the (802) 865-6465 (x 6465 on campus) business line you will be speaking directly with a UVM Police dispatcher or police officer on a recorded line. You can tell the dispatcher (or officer) what service you need and you may be asked for your name and a call back phone number. A campus public safety officer will be dispatched without delay to your location (if required). The UVM dispatch center is set up to handle multiple calls at once, if necessary, for Champlain’s Campus Public Safety.

A few people on our campus have already experienced the positive, expedited effects of the changeover to using UVM Police Services when they called us today. We anticipate the service improving over time as the delay in response time drops dramatically and users become familiar with timely service. As always, if anyone has questions, comments or concerns, please direct them to me so that I can respond in a timely manner.

Rich Long
Campus Public Safety
Champlain College
P.O. Box 670
163 So. Willard Street
Burington, VT 05402-0670
office (802) 860-2755

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