What Are The Rules For Signing Up For A Study Room?

Study Room Policies

Basic Policies:

1) Rooms with a capacity of three or more students are group study rooms. MIC202, 203, 220, 303, 304 and 309.

2) Unless advanced booking has taken place all rooms are available on a first come first served basis.

3) Student groups may reserve a study room by going online to the library homepage. The link to study rooms is located on the site.

4) Groups reserving a study room can also reserve a laptop.

4) Individuals may use group rooms, but will be expected to vacate if a group requests the use of the room.

5) The study rooms are for student use only.

6) The person reserving the room is responsible for the condition of the room and the behavior of all members of the group.

People may be asked to leave the room for the following reasons:

• Being disruptive, noisy, or vandalizing the room

• If a person(s) is not a current Champlain College student

Note: MIC302 cannot be reserved. Also, MIC301, 305, 306 & 308 must be reserved through the Event Center (802) 651-5957.


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