Typing A Patron's Name into the System

Typing a Patron's Name to Check Out a Book, Reserve Item, Movie, or Laptop
Only Library Circulation Coordinator or a Library Aide II can enter anyone’s name into the system.

Library Circulation Coordinators & Library Aide II members will make sure the person has some form of ID with a picture. They will enter the person’s account and put a message that the person has used a driver’s license.

Example of What Can Happen if Someone Breaks the Rule: We had a student who told us she never checked out the book that is on her account. However, she is responsible to pay the $75 replacement cost for the book. This could be a case of someone who is not being truthful, or someone on our staff typed in the wrong name. This is why you have to pay attention to the rules.

This is an offense that will end your employment with the library.
First Offense: If you are caught typing someone's name into the system without proper authorization, you will receive a warning.
Second offense: Your employment with the library will end.


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