Three Strikes And You're Out Policy

“Three Strikes and You’re Out” Policy
Guidelines for Library Aides

I decided not to punish the group by taking away the privilege of doing homework. Instead, the individual who breaks a rule will be given three warnings before his or her employment is terminated.

1) First warning will be verbal
2) Second warning will be written
3)Third warning will decide if person’s employment will be terminated at once, or if the person will not be asked back next semester.

Look up and greet patrons (The most important rule)
Do not leave the desk for personal reasons without punching out.
No speaking with your classmates or friends for more than 10 minutes. No frequent visitors.
Do not give out a patron’s information to anyone but the patron
Do not approach the patron to ask when he or she will be returning a book.
No eating at the desk
No downloading of games or instant messaging services
No use of the library phone or cell phones at the desk
No use of cell phones in the facilities
No headphones while on duty at the desk
No improper use of the computers such as viewing explicit sites


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