Study Room Reservation

The Study Room Reservations are online on the library's homepage, so the students can reserve a study room themselves. See the FAQs below for more information.

Please direct students to the, or they can still go to the

It is listed under Academics.


The new system will send the students an email stating their reservation is being processed. They are not confirmed, unless they get another email stating the reservation has been confirmed.

FAQS on Study Rooms

Who can reserve a study room?
- Only current Champlain College Students
How can a student reserve a study room?
- They student would need to go online to the library website to see the link to "Reserve a Study Room Online."
How can a student can verify the availability of a room?
-Go to the library website under "Reserve a Study Room Online", the available times for each room will be green.
Do you reserve a study room for only one or two people?
- No for the following reasons:
1) The rooms were meant to be group study rooms.
2) Single study rooms can fit one to two people. These rooms are located on the ground floor.
3) The rooms are open for anyone to use unless a group needs the room.
Why do we ask students about “additional needs” section on the online reservation sheet?
- Groups of students sometime need a laptop or TV.
Should a library aide show a student how to reserve a study room?
-Yes, you can definitely show them how to use the system. Please ask the Manager of Circulation Services or a Circulation Coordinator, if you need help.
How can a student see a picture of the room?
- When the student clicks on the link to reserve a study room (on the library homepage), the list of study rooms will be on the page. Next to each room is a small blue circle with the letter "i" in the center. Clicking on the circle will bring up a picture of the room & let them know what is available in the room.
How will I know if the room has been reserved?
-Anyone can see the reservation on the library homepage under team study room reservation. Also, the room that is reserved will show up as blue. However, you can heck with a supervisor if you're unsure.

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