UVM & St. Michael's College Faculty & Staff Reciprocal Borrowing


To broaden the immediate availability of library resources, Champlain College, UVM, and St. Michael's College have entered into a collaborative agreement and are extending borrowing privileges to students, faculty and staff of each college. It is understood that each borrowing is meant to supplement, not substitute for, the library collections of the borrower's home institution. It is further understood that the home library's resources should be fully utilized before the other libraries', including owned collections and reference assistance. Once these conditions are met, however, reciprocal borrowing will be made as simple as possible for all parties.

Who May Borrow: All current faculty and staff from UVM or St. Michael's College are eligible for borrowing privileges at Champlain College. Borrowing will be extended to other faculty through VCAL.

Champlain College has entered into a collaborative agreement with other academic institutions in Vermont to extend reciprocal borrowing privileges to full-time faculty. The Vermont Consortium of Academic Libraries (VCAL) offers Faculty Reciprocal Borrowing for faculty at participating academic libraries throughout Vermont. For more information about VCAL and the reciprocal borrowing project, visit http://www.vermontlibraries.org/vcal/

Borrowing Procedures:

  1. The borrower must have a valid photo ID from the home institution to show status. We will swipe the borrower's ID to verify his or her status with their home library. Go to https://webcard.uvm.edu/student/login.php for UVM borrowers. The word "permitted" will appear on the screen if the faculty or staff member is a valid member of UVM. You must call St. Michael's Library to verify someone's status. Call 802.654.2400 and ask for the Circulation Department.
  2. A borrower’s record will be entered into our library circulation system, using the existing (home institution) bar code number on the ID. A separate borrower card will not be needed.
  3. A borrower may have up to five books checked out from our library from the main circulating collection, Teaching and Learning Resources (TLR), children's collection and New Books. The loan period for books will be 28 days with a renewal period of 28 days.
  4. For recalled or overdue materials, our library will send notices directly to the borrower, and any subsequent bills to the home institution. The home institution accepts final responsibility for unreturned/lost materials at a cost of $75 per item.
  5. Each library reserves the right to impose restrictions on select materials.
  6. Interlibrary loan services remain the responsibility of the home library.

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