Shelf Reading (Making sure books are in order on the shelf)


Library Aides who meet the following requirements will be responsible to shelf-read:
1) Students who have passed the shelf-reading test.
2) Students who have worked in the library at least one semester.

How often will a library aide have to shelf-read?
Each library aide will be scheduled to work one hour to shelf-read. Library aides who finish all their shelf-reading before the hour is finished will be assigned other tasks.

1. All library aides are required to shelf-read a MINIMUM of TWO ranges (a range is one vertical section of shelves or 5 to 7 rows) in the Main Collection, TWO ranges in the Reference section, TWO ROWS in the Children's section, and TWO ranges of magazines in the Periodical's section. The shelf-reading is to continue during the weekend shifts. There will be a schedule re-created for the times each person will shelf-read.

2. When shelf-reading, all mis-shelved books do not have to be pulled. Instead, put the book spine down. This will let a staff member know the books needs to be checked. Make sure to mark the number of mistakes you find in your area on the shelf-reading sheet. The staff member will correct the mis-shelved book.

3. When shelf-reading in the main collection the books should be flush to the front of the row and 2/3 in length. If the books go further than 2/3, the books need to be shifted to keep the appearance of the rows neat and organized.

4. When shelf-reading magazines, the titles are in alphabetical order. The magazines are to be organized in reverse chronological order, with the newer issues on top.

5. Your shelf reading activities will be recorded on the appropriate log sheet with the different sections on the top of each sheet. The sections are: Main Collection, Reference Section, Children's section, and Magazines. The sheets will be checked daily to monitor progress and understanding of the Library of Congress call number system.

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