Scent Free Workplace

It is the goal of the Champlain College Library Circulation Department to strive to be a fragrance-controlled work place. We would like to support a healthful environment for employees and patrons. The circulation department recognizes that exposure to strong scents and fragrances in the environment can cause discomfort as well as directly impacting the health of sensitive individuals. Therefore, for the comfort and health of all, use of scents and fragrant products, other than minimally scented personal care products, by circulation department employees, is discouraged, particularly when working at the front desk.

Fragrances come from any product which produces a scent, strong enough to be perceived by others including but not limited to colognes, perfumes, after shave products, lotions, powders, deodorants, hair sprays and other hair products, and other personal products.

Scented products can cause the following symptoms:
• headaches
• dizziness, lightheadedness
• nausea
• anxiety
• upper respiratory symptoms
• shortness of breath
• difficulty with concentration

It is the responsibility of all employees for supporting this policy.


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