Procedure For Giving Out A Vcal Card To Champlain Faculty Members

What should I do when a Champlain faculty member wants to check out a book from another library?

Champlain may borrow books using their school ID to borrow books from UVM & Sto. Michael's College.

1) The faculty member should have a VCAL ID given to him or her from their home institution.

See the VCAL site if you want to know more about its members


2) The VCAL ID must also have an expiration date sticker on the back of the card.


3) The faculty member must also present another picture form of ID like a school ID, driver's license or passport.

4) We would place a bar code on the back of the VCAL ID card.


5) We would create an account for the faculty member. See How to Create a Reciprocal Faculty Account Tutorial.

6) Last but not least … we need to track this information. Please fill out the VCAL Faculty Reciprocal Borrowing Authorization Form and print out a copy for our records.

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