Past Announcements

Missing Coats or Sweater
If you can't find a coats or sweater that was left here in the lost & found drawer, they might be in the office next to the cork board.
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Paid & Unpaid Breaks Policy
I just wanted to remind people about the policy for paid or unpaid breaks. Click on the link Library Aids - Paid & Unpaid Breaks to read the policy.

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Course Numbers to Help Find Course Reserves
As you well know, most students cannot remember their course number when they come to check out a course reserve. This makes finding the course reserve difficult. Now, we have a link on the wiki that goes directly to the course information located on the College's website.
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Billed Books
Anyone can check in billed books. However, the message "Item status is BILLED and has been cleared" will pop-up. All you need to do is click on OK, sensitize the book and put it on the re-shelving cart.
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HDMI Mac Adapter
We now have a HDMI Mac adapter for the large TV/monitor screens in MIC303 & MIC304 study rooms. Anyone with a 2010 MacBook, MacBook Pro & Mac mini should be able to use it. It is in the same drawer as the portable DVD players.
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Found Flash Drive Procedure
Leslie and Freddy came up with some really great ideas for streamlining the flash drive process. Leslie pointed out that some of you might be uncomfortable sending an email from your own personal account. I created a Yahoo email account for this purpose. Also, Freddy came up with the idea of an envelope or pouch to store the flash drives. You will find these envelopes/pouches at the front desk. You can either type in the words "flash drive" in the search box or click on the link How do I notify a student that we found his or her flash drive? to view the instructions. I have asked the lab monitors to give the flash drives to us. They will not be notifying students. Please let me know if you have any questions or you see something that needs tweaking.
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Possible New System for Checking Out Items
You were sent an email detailing a new system to check out items for commuter and online students. This new system will allow students with smart phones or an IPod touch to check out books using an application that converts their school id number into a barcode. We have a special scanner at the circulation assistant computer workstation for this purpose. We ask anyone who has a smart phone or an IPod touch to download the app Cardstar or Key Ring to try out this new process. Please let a supervisor know when you want to try it out. Also, you only need to put your 7 digit id number when setting up the app. We thank you for your help with this project.
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Receipt Printer
I have put the old receipt printer back at the desk. You can check out books for either computer now. However, I still cannot figure out why the cutting function will not stay after you log off Millennium. I created a video that shows you have to change the printer so it will cut the receipt. You will have to make this change every day. You have to make sure the "print form feed" box is checked in order to have the receipt printers cut the receipts. How to make the receipt printers cut - Video.
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Shutting Down Computers at Closing
The Help Desk just informed me that Windows 7 has created a possible problem when shutting down the computers. If you hold the power button and do a “hard down” it crashes the computer. The new procedure for turning off the computers in the building is to either push the power button once (which will put the computer in a sleep mode), or to turn off the computer using the “Ctrl, Alt, Delete” and press the "OK" which will lead you to the red power button located on the lower right hand corner of the screen. You would click on this red button to shut down the computer.

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Vacation Time & Calling Out Sick
I will be taking Mondays and Tuesday off from Tuesday, May 31st through Tuesday, July 26th. Please call the front desk, (802) 860-2717, as soon as possible if you cannot work on a Monday or Tuesday. Please call before your shift begins that day. I may not get an email you send out the night before. Also, please try to talk to a supervisor instead of leaving a message. Thanks, Tammy.
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Teacher Evaluation Forms
Students will be dropping off the faculty evaluation envelopes now. Just put them on the shelf underneath the desensitizer at the desk.
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Study Room Reservation Signs
There has been some confusion about signage for weekend use of a study room. If a patron reserves a study room anytime after 4 p.m. on a Friday, for a Friday night through Sunday night,than the weekend people should put up the reservation sign. Library aides, please inform your supervisor about the reservation, so he or she can put up a reservation sign. Circulation Assistants, you can find the infromation on your wiki page under the FAQs.
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Phone Listing (Every Library Aide Must Fill This Out)
Please fill out the Phone List Survey, so we will have your contact information when needed.
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Reserve Changes
I have made the COR reserve book labels red. It was just an idea I had. It might not work. Every other reserve that was placed by a teacher still has the original labels.
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Important Updates

How to Report Your Time on the Online Time Entry
Please put in the exact time you come in for work. You do not have to round up or down to make it an even quarter hour.
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Straightening When Shelf-Reading
A big part of your shelf-reading is straightening. I have been getting reports that not everyone is straighten when they’re shelf-reading. Please make sure to straighten every time you shelf-read. You must also straighten the items in every area that you shelf-read.
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Scissors at the Front Desk
I have attached a paper of scissors at the front desk. Students will have to use them at the desk.
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Will I be asked back next semester
Just wanted to update you on the areas that you are judge on when being asked back next semester.

1) Accuracy of re-shelving (putting books away). You must continually score 100% to be asked back. If you are unsure about the system don’t hesitate to ask. It’s better to ask than to continue to have mistakes.

2) Looking up and making eye contact with patrons (faculty, staff, students, and guests)

3) Taking the quizzes. I should not have to remind you to take them.

4) Knowing our policies and procedures. So far, we have had reserve items put on the re-shelving cart, reserve items & videos that left the building check out to a student. Reserve items not checked back in. A video end up in the wrong drawer. A video being place on the reserve shelf with no stickers stating it’s a reserve item. If you’re unsure of a policy … please ask.

5) Breaking the rules. Rules that I have seen broken. Talking for extended amount of times to friends. Eating at the desk. Not looking up and making eye contact with patrons.

6) Ratings from your supervisors. The circulation assistants have a say in whether you are asked back next semester.

For the most part, you have all done really well. If any of the above items seem familiar to you … now is the time to change things.
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Student Evaluation Packets
Towards the end of each semeter we will receive the "Student Evaluation Packets." Please put the packets on the shelf under the desensitizer.
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Being On Time for Your Shift
If any of you hope to use me or one of the circulation assistants as a reference, keep in mind we will not lie for you. When a future employer asks the question “how was his or her punctuality,” know that we will say, “he or she did have trouble getting to work on time.”

Keep this in mind every time you punch in late. All this information is being tracked by us.

Thank you,
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Billed Book Procedure
I have noticed that people are approaching the library aides to ask about billed books. I want to make sure you all have the facts to help them next time. Anyone who no longer has the book listed on his or her account must contact Manager of Circulation Services, Tammy, to make arrangements to replace or pay for the book(s). I have listed is information on the FAQs under "What is the procedure for a person with a billed book?"
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Video Returns
Please do not put the videos in the video drawers. Leave all videos on the re-shelving cart. The library staff will put the videos away.
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Laptop Reservation
The only time a student can reserve a laptop is when he or she reserves a group study room for 3 or more people. Below is a example of a sign that would be left on the drawer for a reserved laptop.

Laptop _ must be left available for the students who reserved a group study room on , ___.

One person from the group must fill out a laptop agreement form, if one is not on file.

Also, MIC 309 study room was reserved for the group.
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Closing Procedures
I schedule one circulation assistant, two library aides, and one lab monitor to make sure we have enough people in this building to keep everyone safe. We do not stop non-Champlain College community members from entering this building. This means we do not know who is in the building when we close. In addition, we do not have security to help us close at night. We have to rely on each other.

Everyone who closes at night should leave together. You should not leave anyone behind. Sometimes this may mean leaving after midnight or 10 p.m. I myself have experienced this situation where everyone left me alone in the building with a male patron. This is an unsafe situation.

Again, we should all leave together.

Thanks you,
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Socializing and Eating at the Front Desk
Just a reminder to keep your friends, roommates, and classmate visits short (a minute or two). I have seen a number of people carrying on lengthy conversations with people while working at the desk.

Also, a reminder about food at the desk. You can have beverages while working at the desk. However, if you are going to eat anything, while working, this should be done in the office. You do not have to punch out. Just talk with your supervisor about what he or she would like you to do.
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Please read the information about the policy on book borrowing over the summer and winter break, reciprocal borrowing, and the scanner.

Policy on Book Borrowing Over the Summer and Winter Break
We allow students who are returning in the fall to check out books over the summer. This also means that new and returning students can check out books after summer classes are finished. Students who are returning in the spring can check out books over the winter break.

We are hoping that this process is so flawless that you will not even have to ask someone if he or she is returning in the fall or spring. However, if you do need to verify a student’s information, please have them show you their schedule online.

Reciprocal Borrowing for Faculty, Staff & Students
Faculty, staff and students from St. Michael's College and UVM can borrow books from our library. We have a separate card swipe reader where we will scan their ID. This barcode reader will verify if that person is a current member of St. Mikes or UVM. We will have to create an account for them in our system.

The Card Swipe Machine:

This means our faculty, staff and students can borrow books from their library. We will have to bring our CC ID (suggest the Champlain faculty, staff or student bring a second picture ID in case the picture is not clear on our CC ID). The lending library will create an account for them on their system. We will have to adhere to the lending library's policies.

VCAL Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing
Not to be confused with St. Mikes and UVM reciprocal borrowing. This is for faculty from other colleges that have signed a reciprocal agreement. The faculty member should have a school or picture ID. We will have them fill out a form and add them to our system.

The VCAL Card:
Scanner in the Library
We now have a scanner in the library. It's on the second floor where the TV/VHS/DVD players are located. This is next to E-Learning, and across from the lab monitors station. The lab monitors will be responsible to help people use it.

You can information on who is located in this building at the front desk and on the wiki at MIC Office Locations and Staff Directory
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Headphones for Check Out
We have 3 sets of headphones for students to checkout & use in the library. They must have a current CC ID. The headphones are located in the 2nd drawer at the desk. Students may check them out for 3 hours to use in the building. The headphones are in three red bags with barcodes on them.
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Paper for the Photocopiers
I apologize for not having information about the 1st floor photocopier available until now. The first floor copier has 8 ½ x 11 inch paper in the top drawer. The bottom drawer has 11 x 17 inch paper. The 11 x 17 inch paper for the bottom drawer is located in the cabinet under the printer on the 1st floor.
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EGD 225 & ART 135, Reserve DVD Issue **
There are 10 DVDs on reserve for the students in his EGD 225 & ART 135, Drawing for Game Design & Anatomy and Perspective classes. We have a room, **MIC 220
, that has a DVD player for the students to use on Monday, Tuesdays, Wednesday & Thursdays from 7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. However, some of the students have been coming during that time to check out the DVD and use it elsewhere. This causes a problem for the students who expected to view the DVD as a group in MIC220.

I have put the following message on each of the DVDs, “Attention: Please tell students who come on Tues. & Thurs from 7:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m. that they can only view this DVD in room MIC220. This is a shared group project room.” Please be aware of this during those days and times.

A student can still check out one of the reserve DVDs during any other time without having to use it in that room. The teacher is going to tell is students about this information as well. He hopes that with our help this matter can be resolved.
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Attendance Verification
Teachers will be dropping off their attendance verification forms at the front desk. You can put them in the tray under the desensitizer machine. This happens at the beginning of each semester.
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Laptop Agreement Forms
I will take all the Laptop Agreement Forms from the blue binder each year. They will be placed in a folder in the top drawer of the long two drawer gray filing cabinet in the circulation office.
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Checking Laptops for Damage During Check In & Check Out
I have noticed that a few of you are not opening the laptops to check for damage during check in or check out. Just a reminder that the laptops have come back damaged. I don’t know about you, but I would not like to be charged for damage that someone else caused.

Please take a few moments to open the laptops and check for damage.
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How Do Graduate, Commuting & Online Students get a Champlain College ID? 10/06/2008



To get a new or replacement ID, please go to the Student Resource Center, Skiff Building.

Hours of operation:
Monday – Friday
8:30 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

If you cannot make it during their regular hours, you can have an ID made by sending a photo via e-mail. Photo should be a color photo with face clearly visible (no hats), preferably a light background.
Send in jpg format to ude.nialpmahc|distnedutswen#ude.nialpmahc|distnedutswen.
Be sure to include name and return address in the message.
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Self-Reading Reminders
Hello Shelf-Readers,
Just a remember to place the books spine down when you find a mistake. Spine up means the person is re-shelving a book. Sorry that there is not a better way to differentiate between the two. Also, you are suppose to be working the entire hour. If you are finished shelf-reading in the following areas: main, reference, children’s, magazines, oversized, and teaching & learning, and have time left, you should be doing more.
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Looking Up & Acknowledging People **
I have been getting reports that the returning library aides are not looking up & acknowledging people. Some may glance at people or barely raise their heads. **Again, this is the most important part of your job.
If you do not look approachable, than you are not the person for this job. Please, make every effort to look and up acknowledge that you see the people coming in the building.
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Overdue Notices for Course Reserves
Below is an overdue message a student received. It was for a reserve item that was checked out on 9/09/2008. This is not the first time this has happened. I have received two other reports from people who received overdue notices for reserve items they returned.

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Online Suggestion Box for the Circulation Department
I have created an online suggestion box for the circulation department. This is an anonymous way to send suggestions or information. You can find the suggestion box on this wiki site.
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Summer Groups on Campus & Checking Out Books
We are not allowing anyone who is not directly associated with Champlain College, faculty, staff or students, to check out books. The 85 students in the SOCAPA group are not allowed to check out books. The instructors are also not allowed to check out books.
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FOR LIBRARY AIDES: Laptop Form Change
We have made another change to the laptop form. When the form was changed last time we did not include an area to put the initials of the person who accepted the form. We received a form without all the necessary information. We have added a line so you can put your initials when you accept a laptop form.

Form Reviewed For Clarity/Completeness by Library Aide (Initials): __ Date _

You can also view the form on the Wiki at

Student Evaluation Envelopes
The Student Evaluation envelopes are being dropped off at the front desk. Please put them on the shelf underneath the desensitizer. Please do not tape the envelopes closed. Please check off the information on the sheets at the desk, and put your initials on the envelopes.
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Checking in Laptops & Reserve Items
I have noticed a fair amount of mistakes when it comes to checking in laptops & reserve items.

1) I noticed several times that laptops have not been checked in. When a laptop is not checked in, the student gets an overdue notice the next day. This makes them panic thinking they did something wrong. They send me an email stating they returned the laptop hoping they will not be charged for it.

2) I noticed that the reserve videos are ending up in the video drawers or on the re-shelving carts. This means that the person who is checking in the reserve item is not looking at the message on the screen, or the labeling on the item. Reminder: items must be placed on the re-shelving cart with the exception of reserve items. Reserve items must be re-shelved as soon as they are returned.

Please make the necessary corrections to make sure this does not happen in the future.
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Compatibility Pack for Office 2007
The Help Desk has loaded the Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint 2007 File Format to the computers at the front desk, Millercirc 05, Millerstand 01, and Millercirc 06. People should now be able to open and access their Office 2007 documents from those computers.
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Changes to the Laptop Form
You will no longer need to put your name on the laptop form. Only the Library Aide II & Circulation Assistants will put their information (initials) on the form.

New Changes to the Form
Student Name (Print):
Student ID Number: 82 -
Phone Number:
Student Signature:
Student Date of Agreement:

Library Aide II or Staff Member Only
*Please make sure to remove message from student account before signing below.
Form Reviewed By (Initials): Date
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New Link to The Rudder & College Discrimination & Harassment Policy Added
I have just added a link to the Student Handbook called “The Rudder” , and the Discrimination & Harassment Policy and Complaint Procedure at .
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Planned Absence Form
Just a reminder to fill out the planned absence form when you want to take time off. Also, when you fill out the form it is a guarantee that you get the time off. I just ask you to find a substitute to make things easier for all of us.

However, if two people want the same shift off, the first person who hands me the planned absence form will get the time off. The second person must get a substitute in order to take the time off.
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Typing a Patron's Name to Check Out a Book
It has come to my attention that there may be library Aides who are typing people’s names into the system who do not have authorization. If you are not a Library Circulation Assistant or a Library Aide II, you should not be entering anyone’s name into the system.

Library Circulation Assistants & Library Aide II members are suppose to make sure the person has some form of ID with a picture. They enter the person’s account and put a message that the person has used a driver’s license.

We had a student who told us she never checked out the book that is on her account. However, she is responsible to pay the $75 replacement cost for the book. This could be a case of someone who is not being truthful, or someone on our staff typed in the wrong name. This is why you have to pay attention to the rules.
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Reserve Material
I had a teacher complain that we were telling her students that her reserve items were not here. This could be a case where the reserve item is checked out to someone. We really should be looking at the reserve items through the “Course Reserve” link to see if the item is checked out.
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Laptop Message on Student's Accounts
At the beginning of each semester, all the new students get the message “Must Sign Laptop Form,” on their accounts. This message will pop up everytime you check out anything to the student. Once the student has signed a laptop agreement form a circulation assistants or a library aide II’s will take the message off the person's account.
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Stolen Books
I found the covers to two books downstairs on the ground floor. More than likely the person set off the alarm, but since the books did not look like ours, we probably desensitized them. In the future, make sure to check the top, bottom or side of the book pages. We stamp all our books “Champlain College Library” in green ink. I apologize for not stressing this during your training.

Thank you for your help with this matter.
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