Paid & Unpaid Breaks

You are entitled to a 15 minute break for every 4 consecutive hours you work. You must write down the time you leave and the time you return on the clipboard in the office, room 103. The time will not be deducted on your payroll. However, if you exceed the 15 minute time period, we will deduct the difference on our online payroll. Please make sure to speak with your supervisor, before taking your break.

You may take a break if you work less than 4 consecutive hours. Please ask your supervisor for permission to take this type of break. You will have to record your time using the online payroll system. You will not be paid for this type of break.

You cannot leave early to make up for a break you did not take. Also, you cannot combine 15 minute breaks to equal a half hour break. If you work a six hours you are entitled to the 15 minute break and a half hour break. However, the half hour break is not a paid break.


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