Opening Procedures


Student Workers:
Opening Checklist:
o Turn on work-study and patron computers at front desk
o Sign in to the work-study computers using “wslibrary” “library”
o Sign in to Millennium using “milcirc” “milcirc”
o Stamp today’s date on each section of the BFP, and put away newspapers
o Unlock laptop & DVD player drawers (key is in the gray cabinet in the office, MIC103)
o Check book-drop to make sure all books are checked in
o Turn on computers at the visitor/student computer station
o Remember to look up and SMILE to greet incoming patrons!

Circulation Coordinators:
1. Use the Allen wrench screwdriver to unlock the front doors. The wrench is located at the Circulation Desk in the top drawer. Each door has a silver crash bar. Push in the crash bar and place the wrench in the small hole, turn the wrench. When done correctly, the crash bars will remain flat. The doors are now locked open.

2. Record the people count from the left panel, and put that number in the "Information Log Sheet" binder located in the cabinet above the desk in MIC103. The people count begins with the letter "P" before the number.

procedure manual

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