On Going Work Study Tasks


1. All books in return bins checked in and sensitized.

2. All books on book truck re-shelved when assigned.

3. All books on end of book shelves are to be re-shelved.

4. All micro-film reels and cartridges filed.

5. All chairs pushed in, tables cleaned off, reset computer screens

6. Circulation desk area straightened and neat.

7. Shelf read at least TWO ranges in the Main Collection book stacks (when assigned).

8. Shelf read at least TWO ranges of magazines in the Periodical section (when assigned).

9. Shelf read at least TWO rows in the Children's section (when assigned).

10. Shelf read at least TWO ranges in the Reference section (when assigned).

This list should be referred to regularly when you find yourself in need of something to do. Please note that this list may be revised and added to over time, so do not rely on memory alone, check the list!

You must pay attention to the needs of any patron. Library work comes before your homework. Homework privileges will be taken away, if the patrons are ignored.

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