No Champlain College ID (What To Do)


If the student forgot his or her ID:
1) A student can check out any library item using a driver’s license only once.
2) Library Aides are not allowed to look-up a patron’s information. You must get a staff member to handle the situation.
3) A circulation staff member must put a message on the account stating a CC ID is needed next time.

Circulation Staff Members Only: How to place a message on a student’s account.
1) You must be in the person’s account. You can do this by typing the letter "n" before the person's last name.
2) Click on the Edit button at the top right
3) Click on the Insert button at the top.
4) A box with the word "name" will be on the left. Click on the arrow to drop down the list.
5) Pull down the list and click on m Message.
6) Press the button F5 – it is a macro that contains the message.
7) Press the button “save/Cl”…, this will save the information.
8) The student may now check out the item.
*** You do not have to put this message on a staff or faculty member’s account

If the student does not have CHAMPLAIN COLLEGE ID:
1) They should get an ID from the Student Resource Center, Skiff Building. They can also get a Champlain College ID online.
2) They can use their driver’s license only once.
3) If the student does not have a driver’s license, you can hold the books for 24 hours until he or she brings an ID or driver’s license.
5) Students are blocked from checking out items, if they do not get a new ID.

If a faculty or staff member does not have an ID:
1) Library Aides must get a library staff member to help you.
2) Staff members can look up the person’s account information. Remind the faculty or staff member that he or she should bring the ID next time.
3) You do not have to put a message on the account.

F4 Must Sign Laptop Form
F5 Student must have CC ID, already used driver’s license
F12 Give book to Tammy (macro should say Joe)

These messages are to be used by staff members only!

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