Online Writing Assistance

Online Writing Assistance

We invite your help in trying out this new service. Here are some guidelines:

1. Please give us 24 hours turnaround time for short papers. (We’ll get back to you sooner if we can.) Long papers may require a longer turnaround time and several conversations as your drafts evolve.

2. In your e-mail to ude.nialpmahc|balgnitirw#ude.nialpmahc|balgnitirw, please explain your writing assignment in as much detail as possible. Better yet, along with your paper file, attach another file containing your instructor’s assignment.

3. Let us know the specific areas with which you need help:

The clarity of your thesis or main point, the coherence of your follow-through

Your development or support of your thesis or topic with details, examples, or possibly research

Your handling of MLA style for documentation (or another style — please inform us)

Editing: Punctuation (types you worry about?)
Usage (the right word in the right place)
Misspellings that spellcheckers can’t catch

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