Login Instructions For Millennium Library System

You will first have to login to the computers, before you can login to the Millennium Program.

1) Press the Ctr/Alt/Delete keys at the same time to get to the computer login screen. Click on the “OK” button
2) Username: wslibrary
3) Password: library
Do not sign in as yourself, or it will affect the due date receipt printer.

Once the desktop is available:
1) Double click on the Millennium Icon

2) A logon box will appear asking for the username and password
a) Username: milcirc
b) Password: milcirc

3) Click on the “OK” button

F4 Must Sign Laptop Form
F5 Student must have CC ID, already used driver’s license
F12 Give book to Joe (macro still says Tammy. Message should say Joe)

These messages are to be used by staff members only!

How to view a message on a patron’s account:
If a person has a message on his or her account, it will automatically pop up. However, if the person has more than one message, you have to click on the message button on the top of his or her account to read all the messages.

procedure manual

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