Is There Someone On Campus Who Can Help A Person Create A Website?

Currently there is no one person, group or department who can help a person create a web site. One suggestion is to email a professor who is teaching web classes, as they might have students looking for work in that field.

Our best way to find out who is teaching web site design would be to look up the course "Web Site Design" using the course catalog at

Once you're in the course catalog, you would type the words "web site," and it will list the classes. If you click on the link below the class listed, you should get the list of teachers. You need to click on the teacher's last name to get the his or her first name.

If the person requesting the information is not from Champlain, you would have to go a little further and help them get an email address for the teacher using the My.Champlain portal.

Click on this Image Below to See a Larger Picture on What this Procedure Looks Like:



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