Library Student Worker Information

Library Student Worker Information

Schedule: Students are assigned a weekly work schedule which is based on the number of hours needed to earn all of their work-study grant. Students are expected to work the same number of hours each week. Your schedule will be the same each week with the expection of exam week. Your hours will change during the exam period depending on your exam schedule. Instructions on changing your schedule for exam week will be given out a month prior to the end of the semester.

Punctuality - Students are required to report for work promptly at the assigned times and be prepared to begin working immediately. You must call the library at (802)860-2717 if you are going to be more than 10 minutes late for work. Consistant problems with punctuality may lead to dismissal.

Illness - If a student is ill and cannot come to work, they MUST notify their supervisor as soon as possible. If a student is too ill to call, they should have a friend or roommate make the call. Please call (802) 860-2717 and ask to speak with a supervisor. Do not leave a message with the person who answers the phone. Also, do not send an e-mail on evenings or weekends for the day supervisor.

Other Absences/Substitutions - Since students are assigned their schedule at the beginning of each semester the following guidelines must be followed if a student is unable to work:

  1. Notify the shift supervisor immediately at (802) 860-2717.
  2. Find a replacement from among the other circulation student workers and give that person's name to the shift supervisor.
  3. You allowed to take time off using the Planned Absence Form. Please read the Planned Absence Rules before filling out the form.
  4. The only way to make-up the time is to substitute for someone else.


  1. Library Circulation Student Workers get paid bi-weekly.
  2. Timecards are submitted every other Monday and students are paid on Friday.
  3. Your pay check will be mailed to your campus or local address.
  4. Timecards are Green for the first week & Red for the second week.
  5. Timecards are in order alphabetically by your last name.
  6. You are allowed a paid 15 minute break for every 4 hours you work. You must punch out and punch back in. Anytime over the 15 minutes will be deducted from your paycheck.
  7. Anytime you forget to punch in or out, your timecard must be approved by a supervisor.

Annual Raises: Raises are granted once you have gone through the reveiw process with the Circulation Coordinator. Reviews will take place during the spring semester. A favorable review comes with a $.25 raise the following semester. If a pay raise is granted in the summer, it will be effective through the following fall and spring semesters. You must score high in regards to the information on the Work-Study Evaluation Form.

Public Contact: Students are expected to conduct themselves in a polite and helpful manner and to uphold the Library and Information Services policies and procedures available at Problems should be referred to the supervisor.

Socializing: Non-work conversations should be kept to a minimum while on duty. Visitors must be asked to leave after a short time.

Cell Phone: Cell phones should be turned off while you are at work.

Dress Code: Although the library does not have a specific dress code, students are expected to dress in a manner appropriate for their work area. Each department may determine what is appropriate.

Work Area: Student workers are not permitted to work in offices outside of their normal work hours. Student are not allowed to print from the two computers used to check in and out library materials. You must wait until the end of your shift to print out your papers. You may also punch out to leave the desk for personal reasons.

Performance: Supervisors will speak with a student deemed negligent in any of their responsibilities. If the problem persists, warning letters will be issued. The third letter received within one academic year will be a termination notice.

CONFIDENTIALITY: Under state law, all library transactions are private and confidential. No information about accounts or transactions my be given out for any reason. Students who receive a request for such information should immediately notify their supervisor. Any breach of confidentiality will result in immediate termination of employment with the library.

Grounds for immediate dismissal include but are not limited to dishonesty, falsifying timecards, breach of confidentiality or conduct that is unethical or injurious to the college or to members of the college community.


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