How Would I Look Up Videos In The Catalog?

You can look up a specific title of a video in our catalog.

Our library homepage is

However, if the teacher does not know the title and wants to see what we have available, the following instructions can help the teacher look up videos in our catalog:

How to Find Videos Using Subject Areas Or View Our Entire Video Collection Using the Advanced Search Option:

  1. Clicking on "Advanced Search" button in the catalog
  2. Type in the subject area to view any videos for that subject
  3. Or you can type 3 asterisks in the search area if you want an entire list of our videos (sort by date or title)
  4. Limit the "Material Type" to VHS/DVD
  5. Click on the "Submit" button

This will give them the call number for the video, so we can find it in our drawers. They can also browse the drawers to view all our videos.


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