How To Add A Reciprocal Borrower To Our Library System (UVM)

When adding a UVM reciprocal student borrower:
You must use on of our 13 digit barcodes to create an account for the student - the barcodes are in the room 103 in a folder across from the computer (Folder title - VCAL, UVM, St. Mikes & Burlington College Reciprocal Borrowing Info):

  1. Click on New
  2. Select Template: Select - Recipstu: Reciprocal Student
  3. Patron Type: 12 Reciprocal Student
  4. Patron Code 1: 4 UVM
  5. Expiration Date: See |Expiration Date for Each Semester
  6. Continue on like all the other accounts: See |How and when to create and add a new account
  7. Our bar code needs to be placed on the student's UVM ID. The bar codes are in a folder labeled "VCAL, UVM, St. Mike's & Burlington College" located in the tiered holder next to the computer in the office, MIC 103.

reciprocal borrower student

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