How Do I Notify A Student That We Found His Or Her Flash Drive?

You can notify the student in several ways that we found his or her flash drive.

Step 1
You can email the student directly using your Champlain College email. (See step 3, 4 & 5 below).

If you don't feel like sending it from your own email account. Go to step 2.
Step 2
You can email the student using a Yahoo email account I created for this purpose. You will still have to verify the student using the my.champlain email.
(You do not have included your name. The account has Joe's name on it.)
a) Go to Yahoo Email
b) Username: champlain_college_library
c) Password: library95

Step 3
What should I include in the email?
Subject Heading: Found Flash Drive - Champlain College Library
Email Text: Someone found your flash drive in the library. It's in our lost and found drawer located at the front desk on the 1st floor of the library/Miller Information Commons building. Please bring a photo ID for verification.

Step 4
What should I do with the flash drive once I sent the email?
We haved created a envelope/pouch you can use to store the flash drive. The envelope/pouch has a place to write the person's name, date you sent the email, and your initials. These envelope/pouches are at the front desk. Once you notified the person, put the flash drive envelope/pouch in the lost and found drawer in the box with all the other flash drives in alphabetical order by the person's last name.

Step 5
What do I do when the person comes to claim the flash drive?
Check the person's photo ID with the name on the flash drive. If they match, hand the person the drive.


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