How Do I Add A UVM Student To Our System?

When adding a UVM reciprocal student borrower:

  1. Go to UVM WebCard Site
  2. Type in username: CC-Library and password: Library_1234
  3. Click on "Quick Tran" in the left hand menu.
  4. Enter 2 in the Activity field.
  5. Click in the PIK field to put the cursor there.
  6. Swipe the person's UVM college ID card in the dedicated reciprocal borrowing swipe (only at the WS computer to the right at the desk).
  7. If the word, "Permitted" appears, go to the step #9.
  8. Anything other than the word "Permitted" means the person will need to be verified by calling Bailey Howe Library Circulation Desk at (802) 656 -2023 to confirm that the student is permitted to be added to our system.
  9. Click on "New" Icon link in Millennium at the Circulation Desk setting where you scan patron barcodes.
  10. Select Template: Select - Recipstu: Reciprocal Student
  11. Patron Type: 12 Reciprocal Student
  12. Patron Code 1: 4 UVM
  13. Expiration Date: See |Expiration Date for Each Semester
  14. Continue on like all the other accounts: See |How and when to create and add a new account
  15. Our bar code needs to be placed on the student's UVM ID. The bar codes are in a folder labeled "VCAL, UVM, St. Mike's & Burlington College" located in the tiered holder next to the computer in the office, MIC 103.

If there are any issues with the card reader or the WebCard Site, call Rob in UVM's IT Department at 656-3516.


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