Holding Books


There are several reasons to hold a book for a student. The first reason is the student has an overdue book that has already been renewed once. The second reason is a student that does not have his or her valid Champlain College student ID or a Driver’s License. The third reason is someone placed a hold on a book that was checked out to another patron, and that book was returned.

If a student wants to take out a book(s), but has an overdue account, or does not have a valid ID, we will hold the book temporarily at the Circulation Desk.


1) Inform the student the reason you are not allowing him or her to take out book(s).

2) Use the pink bookmark with the word “HOLDS” on it. Put the STUDENT'S NAME, the CURRENT DATE and YOUR INITIALS. The bookmarks are next to the computer on the right at the front desk.

3) Because of limited space, we do not hold books for extended time frames. Book(s) will be held for a 24 hr. period only.

3a) A valid exception is when the book(s) goes on hold over the weekend. In this case we will hold it/them until the end of business Monday.

You should explain these rules to the patron when they request to have a book held. If they cannot come back to claim the book in that time frame, it is only fair that the book be returned to the stacks, where it can be used by others. The book will be held according to the above terms, and then re-shelved if unclaimed.
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