Equipment Location


MIC 2nd floor between rooms MIC211 & MIC218:
1 TV/VCR/DVD players
1 Listening Station w/ CD player, cassette player, and turntable

Equipment located at the circulation desk:
3 tape recorders: located at the circulation desk. Students can check out the tape recorders for 3 hours. They cannot leave the building with them. (The Media Center has tape recorders the students can check out).
4 laptops: for student use only. See how to check in and out laptops.
2 Portable DVD Players

The Library Staff is responsible for maintaining all the equipment listed above.
We also must put paper in the photocopier in the MIC. We will need to check the machines periodically for paper.

FAQ’s about equipment around campus:
Is there a fax machines that students can use?
There are no fax machine for students to use. However, a student can scan a document in the printer on the 1st floor and email it to their Champlain email address. There is a scanner in the basement of Ireland. They will have to go to Fed Ex Kinko to send a local or long distance fax.

Is there a scanner for students to use?
Yes, the scanners are located in the S.D. Ireland Global Media Center, bottom floor.

Is there a color printer for students to use?
Yes, the color printers are located in the S.D. Ireland Media Center, bottom floor.

Is there a color photocopier on campus?
No, there is no color photocopier at this time.
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