Closing Procedures


Closing procedures begin 2 hours prior to closing. Both the Circulation Coordinator and the Student Aide have specific responsibilities.

Circulation Coordinator
2 hours before closing

  • all books should be checked in and put on the re-shelving cart
  • check-in all books from the book drop
  • check each floor for books or periodicals that need to be put away

10 minutes before closing

  • lock the front doors
  • remind the lab monitors to shut off all the computers on the ground level (basement), and the 2nd and 3rd floors
  • if the housekeeping crew is in the building you may leave the lights on
  • if they are not in the building, turn off the lights on all floors, in the tower room, and the front stairwell
  • remind students to sign out

Student Aides
30 minutes prior to closing

  • if a patron enters the building, remind them the library will be closing in ?? minutes (give them a time until closing)
  • check the laptop and DVD player drawers to make sure all have equipment has been returned and then lock the drawers
  • shut down the 8 computers at the student computer station
  • leave the 4 computers at the reference desk on
  • check the book-drop to make sure all books have been checked in
  • make sure the circulation front desk space is neat and clean
  • as the last few patrons exit the building, wish them a good evening, and/or smile
  • once all patrons have exited the library, turn off the two work-study computers at the front desk - both the CPU and monitor

For the safety and security of everyone working the closing shift, everyone must exit the building at the same time, using the front doors. This includes staff and all student workers, both Library Aides and Lab monitors.

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