Circulation Desk Rules

Circulation Desk Rules for Work-Study Students:

1) When scheduled at the Circulation Desk, you must pay complete attention to the needs of the patrons.

2) You must look up when people enter the building and greet people as they pass the desk.

3) Please ask your friends and classmates to postpone visits until you are finished working. The presence of friends or classmates can make you unaware to the needs of library patrons.

4) You must ensure that the circulation desk is not left unattended.

5) You must punch out to leave the desk for any personal reason, other than the use of the facilities.

6) You are not allowed to use the desk phone for personal reasons. Effective library service requires constantly available phones. In addition, you may not use a cell phone at the desk. No using cell phones in the facilities (bathrooms). Also, please direct students to the phones on the ground floor of the MIC.

7) All work must be completed before any homework may be done at the desk.

8) All books must be checked in and sensitized before they are put on the re-shelving cart.

9) Typing papers & e-mails are allowed at the desk provided you pay attention to the patrons.

10) No playing computer games at the desk at any time.

11) No use of headphones is allowed at the desk.

12) You are allowed to have drinks at the desk. However, you are not allowed to have food at the desk. Students who are working during the noon or dinner hours may eat their meals in the circulation office.

13) You are allowed to access the Internet. However, improper usage such as downloading of games, files, or viewing explicit sites will result in loss of access for all students. No files, games, or other sites should be loaded on the computer or placed on the desk top!!!



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