Checking Out Books


  • ask patron for their ID
  • open millennium and click on Circulation Desk
  • swipe the ID in the magstrip reader - there is a magstrip on each monitor of the computer's at the front desk (current students, faculty and staff will have a regular Champlain College ID)
  • if the patron has a paper ID with a barcode on it, scan the ID using one of the barcode readers located near each computer at the front desk (alumni, neighbors, etc. will have a paper ID)
  • once you have swiped or scanned the patron's ID, their record should appear in the upper right corner of the screen (Name, Barcode, etc.)
  • if you get a message "No record found with b…” get a Circulation Coordinator or a Reference Librarian who can add this patron.
  • scan the barcode of the material to be checked out
  • this item should now appear in the lower section of the screen; you will see the barcode number, book title and due date
  • a receipt printer will automatically print a due date slip for that item
  • tear off the slip and put it with the item being borrowed — in the book pocket if there is one
  • desensitize the item — NOTE: the only items that DO NOT get desensitized are the VHS tapes
  • hand the patron back their ID with the item they have just checked out and inform them of the due date
  • close the patron record by clicking on the Close icon in the upper right corner of Millennium — NEVER LEAVE PATRON INFORMATION ON THE SCREEN
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