Checking In & Out Laptops


There are 4 laptops located in the drawers on the left side of the circulation desk. Only students may borrow a laptop. If Faculty or Staff need a laptop they should contact Media Services at 651-5932.

Laptop check out procedure:

  • student must present a their Champlain College ID
  • have the student read and sign the laptop agreement form which is located in the front pocket of the blue binder beside the sensitizer
  • the form only needs to be completed once and stays on record until the student graduates, withdraws or transfers
  • file the signed form in the blue binder - alphabetically by last name
  • swipe the student ID
  • scan the barcode on the laptop - the system checks out the laptop the same as a reserve item - 3 hours, in-library only
  • the system will automatically print-out a due date slip
  • give the student the laptop, a power cord, and the due date slip
  • remind them that the laptop cannot leave the building

Laptop check in procedure:

  • check laptop for damage
  • make sure it is turned off
  • make sure the power cord is with the laptop
  • open millennium and select Check-in
  • scan the barcode on the laptop
  • return the laptop to its designated drawer
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