Checking In Books


When a patron returns a book(s) it must be checked back into the system.

1) The patron does not have to present an ID in order to return books.
2) The patron can either hand you the book or put it in the book drop
3) You must check the book for damage. If the book is damaged, do not check it in.
Put a note on the book and leave it in the office of the Circulation Coordinator, room 103.

How to check the book in through the automated system:
1) Click on Check-In located on the left side of the screen
2) Below is the screen that will appear:

3) Scan the bar code of the book(s).
4) The bar code, the patron’s name, the amount due, and status will appear on the screen.
5) Sensitize (IN) the spine of the book using the sensitizer/desensitizer located between the two computers at the front desk.
6) The red light verifies that the book is sensitized.
7) Put the book(s) on the re-shelving cart.

Checking in Reference Books and Periodicals :( Only faculty and staff may check out these items)
1) Reference books should be checked in like all other books. Sensitized and put on the re-shelving cart.
2)Periodicals should be sensitized and given to Tammy with a note explaining it was returned.

Checking in Videos and DVDs:
1) Check them in like all other books. Do not sensitize the video, it will erase them!!
2) DVDs can be sensitized.
3) DO NOT PUT THEM IN THE DRAWERS. Put them on the re-shelving cart.

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