Can I Help A Patron With Their Research Needs?

Library Aides:

You can look up a book by its title, author,or call number using our catalog. If the student would like books on a certain subject, you should direct the student to a librarian. Most of the time a librarian will be scheduled to work at the Reference Desk.


If a librarian is not working at the Reference Desk, and the patron needs more research help, you should try to find an available librarian in his or her office.

If librarians are not working, please direct the patron to a Circulation Coordinator.

Circulation Coordinators:

When the librarians are not working, you can help the patron to the best of your ability. You should let the patron know that you are not a librarian. You should also let the patron know when the librarians will be available. You should post all the questions you answer on the Reference Question and Answer Log.


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