Can A Patron Renew A Book Online?

Can a patron renew the book online? Yes.…but, see below for different rules applicable to "patron".

From the Library website click on Renew Your Books , type in your name and ID number (Hint: If their ID number begins with “82-“, enter only the digits that appear after the dash; that is, the final seven digits.)

A list of their currently checked out items will appear, and they can renew the books that are eligible for renewal by using the Renew All or Renew Selected Items features.

Undergraduate Students can renew a book for an additional 28 days.

Graduate Students (Master’s Program) can renew a book for an additional 28 days.

Faculty, Staff and Trustees can renew a book for an additional 30 days.

Alumni, Guests and Neighbors cannot renew books online. The system will not let them renew it online. They will have to bring the book(s) into the library to renew them. You will have to check them in & out again for the patron.

A patron can use the book longer after a renewal, if he or she brings the book back to the library. However, if another person has placed a hold or recalled the book, the patron cannot check recheck out the book.


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